About us

Newslaundry is a reader-supported, independent news media company. In an industry driven by corporate and government interests, we strongly believe in the need for an independent news model, and a free and accountable press.

Through media critique, reportage, podcasts, documentaries, comics and animation, our stories bring you the latest in current affairs in innovative and engaging formats.

Our Core Values


Stories that are produced to bring value to you, not clicks for ad revenue. Our journalism is not dictated and influenced by advertisers, whether corporate or government. At Newslaundry, you get to bypass the digital clutter and go straight to the story.

Focus on media

The media holds a democracy to account, but what about the media itself? We believe news organisations should be accountable, including us. Our stories on the media are driven by that belief.

Substance, not breaking

Organisations compete to “break” the news. We believe in bringing our readers the stories behind the headlines, through thoughtfully-researched deep dives and ground reports.

Community, not pageviews

We value our community of subscribers more than any metric. We have learned from their feedback and criticism and owe where we are today entirely to them.

Independent, not institutional, view

We aim to be a “big tent” for opinions and viewpoints, presenting a broad spectrum of thoughtful perspectives.


Readers deserve transparency from their news sources. Our innovations are powered by our community of subscribers, from our monthly Chatbox with our subscribers to subscriber meetups.


We take privacy seriously because users of our website deserve to know what data is collected and how it’s used. For this, we conducted an in-depth privacy audit of our site, and have spelt it out, devoid of jargon, in our privacy policy.

Team bio


INMA Global Media awards (2023)

Newslaundry app received an honorable mention in the 'best new digital product' category at the INMA Global Media awards, recognizing its excellence in innovation and its role in pushing boundaries and driving change within the news industry.

Digipub Awards (2023)

Newslaundry's Android and iOS app was awarded the AFAQs Digipub Awards 2023 in the 'Best Use of Technology' category, recognizing its utilization of technology in online publishing to enhance user experience and efficiency.

The Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity (2022)

Two Laadli Media awards in the same year. For a ground report on the Hathras case and a report on Yati Narsinghanand and his army of believers.

The Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity (2015)

For a report analysing gender representation on the pages of India’s four leading English dailies.

The Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism for Investigative Reporting Award (2016)

For a five-part series on how politicians across party lines use their official position to cull monetary favours from PSUs, and use this to fund organisations with which they are directly or indirectly associated.

The Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity (2018)

For a Campus Politik series on the state of sexual harassment redressal mechanisms in colleges.

RedInk Award for Excellence in Indian Journalism (2018)

For a ground report on the Cauvery water dispute.

IIMC Alumni Association Award for Best Developmental Reporting (2018)

For a ground report on India’s oldest water dispute.

Breakthrough Media Award for Gender-Sensitive Journalism (2019)

For a report investigating the murder of a teenage girl in Gaya, Bihar.

RedInk Award for Excellence in Indian Journalism- Human Rights category (2019)

For a ground report on fake encounters by security forces in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district. It brought to light how innocent Adivasis were killed by the police in an encounter.

Asia Podcast Awards 2019

Our pop culture podcast, The Awful and Awesome Entertainment Wrap was adjudged Asia's Best Podcast, and Let's Talk About bagged the Best Education Podcast.

The Asian College of Journalism award for Investigative Journalism (2020)

For a five-part series on the electoral bonds by Nitin Sethi. The investigation revealed the haste and irregularities that paved the way for bringing in the electoral bonds.

The Laadli Media and Advertising Award for Gender Sensitivity (2020)

Three Laadli Media awards in the same year. These include a report on gender representation in newspapers and the story of an 18-month-old pellet gun survivor from Jammu and Kashmir’s Shopian district.

Press Institute of India and International Committee of the Red Cross Annual Awards (2020)

For a report on how ASHA workers are battling Covid without safety gear. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued orders for an additional incentive of Rs. 2,000 to ASHAs after the story was published.